GiftBoard is a universal wishlist mobile app with some unique features that are not available in any other similar apps. The app not only allows the user to add items from it’s affiliated stores but also from any store of your choice (even stores without online presence). The app not only enables the user to surprise their loved ones by gifting them what they want but also helps capture the reaction of the gift recipient.




Senior Product Designer






To build the only wishlist app that anyone would need. It should fit all purposes and all types of gifts and could be used worldwide.


Facilitated and documented product kickoff meeting with the product owner. Arranged multiple meetings, whiteboarding session and product workshop with stakeholders and product owner to understand the business requirements.


Conducted an online survey to understand and establish a target user group and to understand different types of user personas.


Based on the survey findings, we established our target age group was 18 to 40. We also decided to go with the native mobile application as it was found through survey findings that 97% of the users look for the gifts during their commute.

To trump the competing apps, I undertook an in-depth Competitor Analysis, both desk research and user interviews. I documented the survey findings, competitor analysis and presented the survey findings to the key stakeholders. 


Personas were created and referred to those personas throughout the process.


Finalised the feature list by organising multiple workshops with the stakeholders and engineers.


Since the team was already consumed with other priorities, we decided to outsource the UX. 

We briefed the finalised feature list to the hired team. We had a UX workshop every week to nail down the user flow.



While creating the wireframe, we regularly validated our solution by conducting guerilla testing. We iterated the findings from guerilla testing into our solution.

After nailing down the complete user-flow wireframes, UX walkthrough had been organised with all the major stakeholders. The solution was largely accepted barring a few minor suggestions. We incorporated the suggestions and locked in the design for the first release.

Gift Sender

Gift Recipient

With the finalised wireframes we, a team of two, started creating User Interface. While creating UI, we faced many challenges as some significant decisions were not made in the UX  phase due to lack of time. My team member and I organised multiple workshops with the key stakeholders to solve those problems. I had also regularly guerilla tested the complex and primary interfaces with potential users.


Once we created all the major interface flows, we bundled the artefacts and delivered them to the developers.


Contributed to sprint planning meetings and provided my suggestions to the scrum master. We collaborated with developers daily to get the best outcome. Tested every sprint and iterated.

The product is now fully built in staging and ready for roll out.