Deeptha has delivered exceptional value in all of her product/brand engagement over a 10 year period.  In designing User Experiences (UX) with a customer-centric & lean UX approach Deeptha develops a thorough understanding of business needs and empathy for users.




Handlr is a service platform that helps the user to get things organised. It can be walking your dog, cleaning the pool or finding a DJ for your friend’s birthday. It helps the users schedule appointments and track the progress of the work.


Helps users who suffer from sleep apnea improve their sleep. An online support program and app that is included with any ResMed Air10™ device automatically sends the CPAP machine data to a smartphone. It helps the user stay on track throughout their sleep apnea treatment journey.


SmartTable is a service app that allows the user to order food directly from a restaurant/ Cafe/ Bar table using customer mobile phone without the need to wait in line or wait for service.

GiftBoard is an iOS and Android app which allows the user to create a wish list from GiftBoard Store or add manually from any online and retail stores. GiftBoard lets the user share their wish list to the loved ones. Not only does the user surprise their loved ones by gifting them what they needed but also can capture their reaction!


Devtown is a closed user group lending app that allows individuals to lend money for Real estate Business.